Yapcasia-en Group Opened! CFP Until August 31! #yapcasia

I've opened the yapcasia-en group which is a mailing list for YAPC::Asia's speakers, guests and all YAPC lovers. Feel free to join the group when you have an interest in the largest Perl conference on the globe!

About YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2010

Dates: October 15-16, 2010
Venue: Tokyo Institute Of Technology, Oo-okayama, Tokyo, Japan
Map: http://maps.google.com/?cid=974026751406604607
Twitter: http://twitter.com/yapcasia
Website: http://yapcasia.org/2010/

Note that Call For Paper is open until the next Tuesday, August 31. Go to the form to submit your proposal.

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@yapcasia's Official Tweet

For the visitors from abroad @kawanet has kindly taken to organize a mailing list http://bit.ly/cnEqFf #yapc #yapcasialess than a minute ago via Echofon

Shibuya.js won the prize at LT championship, LLTiger

July 31st, the Japan UNIX Society hosted the LL Tiger conference as a series of their annual Lightweight Language developer events. Eight teams competed at the lightening talks tournament championship held in the conference. Our team of Shibuya.js, Tokyo-based JavaScript developers group, did it to win the first prize at the hard knockout competition!

Preliminary Round

Just a day before the championship, we Shibuya.js members had an tech meetup event titled Shibuya.js beyond HTML5 as the preliminary round to pick up the presenters.

(photo by @takesako)

At the pre-round, three speakers, @gyuque, @yukoba and me was selected.

The First Round - @gyuque

On the following day, our presenter for the first round was @gyuque. He gave a talk about a software modem implemented by JavaScript. His JavaScript FSK modulator generates sound waves for data payloads. Then it plays generated .wav data encoded in base64 via data: scheme through HTML5's <audio> element.

See also @gyuque's slides on Slideshare.

The Second Round - @kawanet

At the semi-final match, I @kawanet gave a talk about 3D JavaScript. The talk was enhanced since I gave the former talk at OSDC.TW 2010 in Taipei.

See also my slides.
* Right cursor or mouse click - Proceed to the next
* Left cursor - Back to the previous
* 0 key - Return to the first slide
* 3 key - Toggle 3D mode and 2D mode
* Use red-blue glasses to see anaglyph 3D.

At the intermission after the first round, we decided to add an additional demo for the second round. Our JavaScript guru @gyuque wrote the real-time 3D demo below within just 30 minutes.

The Final Round - @yukoba vs. @takesako

At the final, our last speaker @yukoba fighted against @takesako from the Project-D Team. He is a tough rival as he is also a member of our Shibuya.js group. This means the last match is blue-on-blue.

Takesako gave a talk about an 8086 assembler implemented by JavaScript. The assembler is not normal but generates bytes covered with many ASCII arts of smileys like [^_^].

At Yukoba's turn, he gave a talk about a JVM including MIDP implemented by JavaScript. He compiles .class binary files of Java to .js source code files of JavaScript. The compiled code runs on his JS-based JVM which works on HTML5 web browsers including Google Chrome and WebKit. It means mobile phone applications for MIDP devices would run on iPhone and Android phones without any codes changed. I'm sure that his system has incredible potential for mobile game market.

See also @takesako's slides and @yukoba's video from 07:40 on Ustream.

I won an iPad!

Our team Shibuya.js won the championship at last. As the bonus prize, I got an iPad. Thanks!

Invitations for other tournaments are welcomed. ; )

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About Shibuya.js, see also John Resig's post.

* Original post written in Japanese is here

Memorial Service for Google Wave at Google's Tokyo Office

Tokyo, Japan - Japanese developers have held the memorial service for Google Wave somberly at Google's Tokyo office. Grieving attendees held a condolence telegram and the deceased's deadee.

Google Japan respectfully provided their new Roppongi office as a venue for the memorial service and made an arrangement to style the wallpapers in monotone.

The chief mourner, Yasushi Ando (@technohippy), pensively signed his new Google Wave introductory book which is just published this week.

A Googler behaved just positively in her video message which filled our eyes with waves of tears.

Sorry, but too many jokes covered around whole of the memorial service, in fact! :)

We all attendees enjoyed the convivial event with beers, wines and laughs.

The three types of Wave T-shirts above are now rarely acquirable though.

Thank you, Google Wave, we will never forget you on the cloud.

What is the coming next service listed on Google Graveyard?

* Japanese version of this post is here

RT Bookmarklet for Unofficial Retweet Format "RT @kawanet:" of #Twitter.

I love writing bookmarklets these days. :)

The RT bookmarklet helps you to post a retweet by unofficial style like "RT @kawanet: ..."

[ RT ]

Use the RT bookmarklet on tweet status (detail) page like below:

The tweet content will be quoted in a new tweet:


This also runs at any other domain of twitter.com as a shortcut for http://twitter.com/ top.


2010.10.09 #NewTwitter interface supported.

* Original post of this is written in Japanese.

Bookmarklet Viewer Bookmarklet for #iPhone and #iPad

The bookmarklet helps you get JavaScript source code of bookmarklets on your iPhone and iPad. Mobile Safari for iPhone/iPad cannot save bookmarklets which have a link to javascript: scheme. Don't give up. Use the bookmarklet below.

Bookmarklet Viewer Bookmarklet

How to save the Bookmarklet Viewer itself

1. Click above to get the source of Bookmarklet Viewer

2. Long-press on the textarea and push [Select All] button

3. Push [Copy] button to copy the source

4. Push Safari's [+] button then [Add Bookmark] button

5. Enter the name of the bookmarklet

6. URL cannot be modified at the first time

7. Push [Save] button to save the bookmark

8. Push Safari's book button then [Edit] button

9. Open the bookmark saved, long-press on Address area then push [Paste] button

10. Close the bookmark

Save other bookmarklets using the Bookmarklet Viewer

Now you're ready to get the bookmarklet with the Bookmarklet Viewer bookmarklet :)

delicious (Extra bookmarklets is recommended)


fr - a bookmarklet to get a link to flickr

3D Bookmarklet (why don't you use the Web in 3D?)

* Japanese version of this post is here.

#Flickr is still a-bombing on Organizr. (Workaround patch added!)

I'm sorry but this post is not in a political campaign. I just want to tell that, today, I feel really sad with the great photo sharing service of flickr.

I'm an individual flickr lover and have an Pro account of it. You can also find my bookmarklet for flickr.

Two weeks ago, I've posted a comment on the Flickr Ideas discussion group. The thread titled "Drop a A-bomb on flickr!?!" has existed since 2007.

In the Flickr Organizr, at removing operations of photos, it shows a bombing animation as below:

I feel uncomfortable whenever I see it. It just evokes the days in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I thought, however, it would be an imagining thing as I am a Japanese.

Last month, I found I was not wrong. The bomb was not just a conventional bomb but was designed as an atomic bomb. The animation GIF file has name of nuke.gif. This unacceptable discovery makes me posting the comment.

Two weeks have passed. Today, August 6, is the 65th anniversary of the bombing on Hiroshima. Flickr is still a-bombing on Organizr. I never do the operation of removing photos on Organizr in order not to see the nuke.

I won't think the bombing is a part of spirits of Yahoo.

See also:
U.S. Envoy Attends Hiroshima Event - New York Times
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Wikipedia
I don't know U.S. schools teach the terrible horror side of the a-bomb underneath the mushroom-shaped cloud.

Note that Yahoo Japan Corporation does NOT provide the flickr service here in Japan market.

(Updated / August 8)
I wrote a bookmarklet to patch the Flickr's Organizr.

When a photo is removed from batch area, the patched Organizr will just fade it out instead of showing the unwelcome a-bomb animation of nuke.gif.

[Organizr Patch]

Save above link (bookmarklet) to your bookmark toolbar. And click it just once after you open the Organizr.

The source code is below.
  var e=this.getDragEl();
  var a=new YAHOO.util.Anim(e,{opacity:{from:1,to:0}},0.5,YAHOO.util.Easing.easeOut);
  var f=function(){

YUI library helps this. Yahoo rocks. :)