Kurukuru Blog and a recipe for mashing up

Kurukuru Blog spread its horizons.
Kurukuru Blog is a blog maching service deliveried for twelve languages: Deutsch, Ελληνικά, English, Español, Français, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Svenska, Türkçe and Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese).
It's difficult for me to read blogs written in the most of these languages however.

A Recipe for Mashing Up

Kurukuru Blog genarates its contents by itself automatically.
Today I'll show you the recipe how to cook this site.

#1 Wikipedia

Wikipedia is, you know, a online encyclopedia.
And also you would find that it has thesaurus and translations.

#2 Technorati

Technorati is the most quick blog search engine.

#3 WebToJpeg

WebToJpeg captures any website as thumbnailed jpeg image file.

#4 + IDEA!

Mash them up!

Bon Appetit!(召し上がれ)

This is a blog matching service.

Get to the Kurukuru Blog website and try it now!
日本語 Japanese version of this post is here.

The Nakanobu Nebuta-Matsuri Festival

Nine floats paraded at the Nakanobu shopping mall, 16th September.
This is an yet another nebuta-matsuri festival in Tokyo.

Some of floats are built by students in elementary scools nearby.

[WCAN] JavaScript Libraries and Basic Ajax

I made a presentation on the WCAN/200609 event at Nagoya last Saturday.

* What Is Ajax
* JavaScript Libraries
* JSAN and My Libraries
* Shibuya.js Technical Talks
* Sun+RECRUIT Mash Up Award 2006

Mr. Watanabe, in the photo, also talked about Photoshop technics. Posted by Picasa

[Perl] I18N Date Representations with DateTime module

DateTime module makes easy to get an I18N date representaion.
The code below displays date strings in some languages.
use Encode;
use DateTime;
foreach my $lang (qw( de el en es fr ja nl no pl pt sv tr vi )) {
my $fmt = DateTime::Locale->load($lang)->full_date_format();
my $date = DateTime->now(locale => $lang)->strftime($fmt);
my $line = "$lang : $date\n";
print encode_utf8($line);
The result of today is following:
de : Sonntag, 27. August 2006
el : Κυριακή, 27 Αυγούστου 2006
en : Sunday, August 27, 2006
es : domingo 27 de agosto de 2006
fr : dimanche 27 août 2006
ja : 2006年8月27日日曜日
nl : zondag 27 augustus 2006
no : sundag 27. august 2006
pl : niedziela, 27 sierpnia 2006
pt : domingo, 27 de agosto de 2006
sv : den 27 augusti 2006
tr : 27 Ağustos 2006 Pazar
vi : Chủ nhật, ngày 27 tháng tám năm 2006

I remember that NTT DoCoMo's P503i mobile phone have used "Apl" instead of "Apr".

Kurukuru Blog Started!

Kurukuru BlogKurukuru Blog is out now!

This slot machine is a kind of fortune-teller who suggests a blog you would read today. The first day of Kurukuru Blog is featured on "Gold".

Technorati API and Snapshot Service are used to create this page.

Website Thumbnail Image Generating Services

SimpleAPI is a free service to generate a screenshot image captured from any website you want. This service is started in this March.
<img src="http://img.simpleapi.net/small/http://www.kawa.net/">

Two months later, Hatena also released Hatena::Screenshot service for thier blog service's users. Registered users can post a blog which includes screenshots by writing the special wiki markup following:
[http://www.kawa.net:image] ( size: midium )
[http://www.kawa.net:image:large] ( size: large )
[http://www.kawa.net:image:small] ( size: small )

Snapshot service is an yet another service which has no Japanese manuals ;)
You can specify height and width of the thumbnail image generated by this service.
<img src="http://webdesignbook.net/snapper.php?w=160&h=120&url=kawa.net/">

Mailing lists opened on Yahoo! Groups

I've opened three mailing lists today.
We're waiting for you to join us!

XML::TreePP Group (Perl module)

XML::FeedPP Group (Perl module)

XML.ObjTree Group (JavaScript library)

Thank you.

A Journey to Egypt and Turkey

My wife and I went to Egypt and Turkey this month.
This was our first time to visit these countries and land on Africa.
In this journey, I was most impressed by the ruins in Ephesos, Turkey.


Egypt and Turkey Photos Pick Up


Foods in Egypt
Foods in Turkey - I loved it.
Airline meal on EgyptAir


Egyptian National Railways - Cairo to Alexandria
Ankara Express, Turkey - Ankara to Istanbul
Other rides in Turkey - Trams, Tunel and Ferries


The OASIS Hotel, Cairo (Giza)
Euro Plaza Hotel, Istanbul
Grand Temizel Hotel, Ayvalik - The Aegean Sea was so clean.
Polat Thermal Hotel, Pamukkale (Denizli) - I enjoyed a hot spring in this hotel.
Ozkaymak Park Hotel, Konya
Perissia Hotel, Cappadocia (Urgup)
Sheraton Royal Gardens, Cairo (Giza)
Miraremakuccha - SH902i's bug

NTT DoCoMo announced that SH902i mobile phone has a bug which makes it crashed when you enter a typical phrase "miraremakuccha", literally means "be watched too match."


Google, Mountain View - Dec.2005

GoogleplexThe Googleplex on the Christmas holidays last year. Just few people are there.

* This is a test post from Picasa. Posted by Picasa

Visited Countries

Visited Countries
Originally uploaded by Yusuke,SF.
I love to visit places in the world: South Korea, Thailand, United States, Mongolia, Australia, Spain, France, China, Mexico and the next is...?

Create your own visited countries map at douweosinga.com.

* This is a test post from flickr.

Link Tooltips 2.0

Link Tooltips 2.0 - This mashes-up Yahoo! UI Library's Tooltip control with Simple API's thumbnail generating service. Thanks, YUI and SimpleAPI.