JSAR (JavaScript Augmented Reality) at OSDC.TW 2009 Taipei

Last weekend, I flew to Taipei to attend the OSDC.TW 2009, OpenSource Developers Conference in Taiwan. I had a talk titled "The JUI Digest Taipei" there. JUI means JavaScript User Interface:

The JUI 2008 Tokyo (first)
The 2nd JUI Conference in Adobe MAX Japan 2009

In addition to the recent topics in the 2nd JUI, I showed the JASR (JavaScript Augmented Reality) demonstration.

JSARToolKit is a library to run AR by JavaScript. It works as a proxy wrapper for a bridge application using FLARToolKit.

Try it : JSAR Demo #1
Get marker PDF : JSAR logo for print
Get marker PDF : 4 markers for print

Then, today's main dish was "AiR Xiaolongbao".
A dozen XiaoLongBao (小籠包) were shown on the table by JavaScript!

Try it : AiR Xiaolongbao Demo
Get marker PDF : XiaoLongbao markers for print (free)

This was a hommage for Air Yakiniku (Air焼肉) as a Chinese version.

Some of front-row seated attendees helped me to show that JSAR supports multiple markers. Jesse drew his improvisatorial "JSAR" marker whis was fainally recognized at the last of my talk.

See my slides on slideshare.

This was my sencond trip to Taipei. We really enjoyed there again. Last year, I gave another talk titled DOM manipulation by Wiimote/Gainer over HTTP in OSDC.TW 2008. That was also first time for me to talk about Wii Remote. I evolved it later and talked it in some other YAPCs places. I guess I will talk the JSAR again for other conferences this year as well. See you soon!

BTW, JSARToolKit uses FLARToolKit internally. I must say thank you for Saqoosha who is one of the most cool Japanese Flash guys. And he will give a talk about FLARToolKit in the FITC Tronto 2009 conference this weekend. Don't miss it!

The First Tokyo Cloud Developers Meetup was over.

As I mentioned, we had the first Tokyo Cloud Developers Meetup this Thursday with great success. It's got 64 registrants which is over capacity for the seminar room in Amazon Japan K.K. We'd like to have the next meetup. Join the group and stay tuned.

Photo by Gui Trento "Blue sky over the monday morning"

Above was the opening slide for the event. I love the picture of the beautiful blue sky with clouds. Thanks, Gui.


Jeff Barr (Amazon) http://www.jeff-barr.com/

He gave us a talk in English without interpretation.
I guess most of Japanese attendees could understand most of what he said with help of his slides and demos.
He talked a bit faster in last half though. :-)

The busy evangelist had other conferences in Japan, the QCon Tokyo 2009 and an ITpro Technology Conference for Amazon Cloud Services. They cost JPY 30,000 for each, approximately $300. The guys who attended the more techy meetup were lucky because it's free of charge.

After his talk, Japanese developers gave lightening talks.

Tightening Talks

1. Yamazaki Yasuhiro - slideshare
2. Yuki Namikawa
3. Takao Funami - slideshare
4. Manabu Igarashi
5. Yukio Ando - slideshare

These were more techy and interesting.

This was my first time to come into Amazon's place in Japan. Nonetheless they provide the most popular cloud services in the world, they don't provide a connection to the cloud from the conference room in due to their security policy though. :-)
Anyway, most attendees surprised and regarded Amazon's nice office.

At last, I must say again thank you to Jeff Barr.
We're longingly awaiting the news from Amazon that provides the EC2 Asia region service with Japan zone servers.
Original post of this was written in Japanese.