The JUI 2008 Tokyo was over

The JUI 2008 Tokyo conference was over with great success.
More than 100 attendees came to the venue!
We really enjoyed JavaScript tech talks in depth.

The JUI 2008 Tokyo
* Date: 18:30pm, Monday, March 19, 2008
* Venue: Recruit Ginza 8 Bldg., Tokyo, Japan

[Main Talks]
* Paul Bakaus (from Germany) - An in-depth look at jQuery UI
* amachang - S6
* inucara -
* iandeth - Recruit WEB Service UI Library

[Lightning Talks]
* gugod (from Taiwan) - jFormino
* noriaki - jQuery on Greasemonkey
* Yoshiomi KURISU - Colors in jQuery
* monjudoh - Twitter client with jQuery

[Special Guests]
* Ingy (from Seattle/Taipei) - Jemplate
* mala - use DOM
* TAKESAKO - YAPC::Asia 2008 Tokyo


We got special guests to give us additional lightning talks!
We also had an after-party with almost half of all attendees.

Amachang, Paul and other great JS hackers're talking about past talks in Shibuya.js user group.
I hope I could host such a great conference again.