[Travel] Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic

My wife, Yumi, and I love traveling around the world.
We went to three countries at this time:
1. Germany to celebrate my friends wedding
2. Switzerland to hike looking up to the Matterhorn
3. Czech Republic to beer-up beer!

Here are some of articles written in Japanese.
Digest post with photos
Railway from Konstanz to Zermatt
Other blog posts by Yumi

gugod and Ebisu.js

Kang-min Liu, a.k.a. gugod, came to Japan. After we took a lunch at Ginza district, he taught me about his current project Ebisu.js which a library implementing "custom events" handler in JavaScript.

We both Asian people talked in English. However, it's probably true that we could make communication smoother after we start to write JavaScript language. :-)

All JavaScript engineers in the world, let me know when you come to travel to Tokyo. We will welcome you. Let's talk thoroughly about JavaScript.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] MA3 Participants Session

September 22th was the OneWebDay. At this day, we hosted the MA3 Participants Session in Media Technology Labs, Tokyo. About 30 teams of developers which applied thier work for the Mash up Award 3rd.

Top 5 websites ranked by authors themselves:
1. Revolver Style Search (13 votes)
2. MAsh (10 votes)
2. Tamadokoweb (10 votes)
4. CHIZTEK (9 votes)
5. Comusche (8 votes)

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.