[Event] John Resig and The Future of JavaScript

John Resig now comes to Tokyo! Many Japanese JavaScript developers love him and his product of jQuery.js which is the coooolest JavaScript library in the world.

Shibuya.JS had a joined event with Mozilla Japan to talk to him about ECMAScript 4 and the future of JavaScript. He gave us the keynote speech in the event.

Amachang, one of the leading JavaScript engineers in Japan, made some high-level comebacks.

A quorum of Shibuya.JS members introduced some of awesome JavaScript applications developed in Japan.

* The following ustream movies are recorded by Piro.

Part #1 - John's keynote speech

Part #2 - Shibuya.JS's talks and Q&A

We very very enjoyed with John. Thank you and see you again!

We're together closing our eyes. |-)

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

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