#Flickr is still a-bombing on Organizr. (Workaround patch added!)

I'm sorry but this post is not in a political campaign. I just want to tell that, today, I feel really sad with the great photo sharing service of flickr.

I'm an individual flickr lover and have an Pro account of it. You can also find my bookmarklet for flickr.

Two weeks ago, I've posted a comment on the Flickr Ideas discussion group. The thread titled "Drop a A-bomb on flickr!?!" has existed since 2007.

In the Flickr Organizr, at removing operations of photos, it shows a bombing animation as below:

I feel uncomfortable whenever I see it. It just evokes the days in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I thought, however, it would be an imagining thing as I am a Japanese.

Last month, I found I was not wrong. The bomb was not just a conventional bomb but was designed as an atomic bomb. The animation GIF file has name of nuke.gif. This unacceptable discovery makes me posting the comment.

Two weeks have passed. Today, August 6, is the 65th anniversary of the bombing on Hiroshima. Flickr is still a-bombing on Organizr. I never do the operation of removing photos on Organizr in order not to see the nuke.

I won't think the bombing is a part of spirits of Yahoo.

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I don't know U.S. schools teach the terrible horror side of the a-bomb underneath the mushroom-shaped cloud.

Note that Yahoo Japan Corporation does NOT provide the flickr service here in Japan market.

(Updated / August 8)
I wrote a bookmarklet to patch the Flickr's Organizr.

When a photo is removed from batch area, the patched Organizr will just fade it out instead of showing the unwelcome a-bomb animation of nuke.gif.

[Organizr Patch]

Save above link (bookmarklet) to your bookmark toolbar. And click it just once after you open the Organizr.

The source code is below.
  var e=this.getDragEl();
  var a=new YAHOO.util.Anim(e,{opacity:{from:1,to:0}},0.5,YAHOO.util.Easing.easeOut);
  var f=function(){

YUI library helps this. Yahoo rocks. :)