Bookmarklet Viewer Bookmarklet for #iPhone and #iPad

The bookmarklet helps you get JavaScript source code of bookmarklets on your iPhone and iPad. Mobile Safari for iPhone/iPad cannot save bookmarklets which have a link to javascript: scheme. Don't give up. Use the bookmarklet below.

Bookmarklet Viewer Bookmarklet

How to save the Bookmarklet Viewer itself

1. Click above to get the source of Bookmarklet Viewer

2. Long-press on the textarea and push [Select All] button

3. Push [Copy] button to copy the source

4. Push Safari's [+] button then [Add Bookmark] button

5. Enter the name of the bookmarklet

6. URL cannot be modified at the first time

7. Push [Save] button to save the bookmark

8. Push Safari's book button then [Edit] button

9. Open the bookmark saved, long-press on Address area then push [Paste] button

10. Close the bookmark

Save other bookmarklets using the Bookmarklet Viewer

Now you're ready to get the bookmarklet with the Bookmarklet Viewer bookmarklet :)

delicious (Extra bookmarklets is recommended)

fr - a bookmarklet to get a link to flickr

3D Bookmarklet (why don't you use the Web in 3D?)

* Japanese version of this post is here.