YAPC::NA 2008 in Chicago

I have proudly attended YAPC::NA 2008 in Chicago and enjoyed that.
YAPC::NA is original yet another Perl conference since 1999.
You can see more my photos in Chicago on flickr.

YAPC::NA 2008 Pre-Conference Dinner

Ingy bring me to the restaurant by his motorcycle. ingy++

YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 1) Get it started

I attended every YAPC::Asias which were exciting and held three times in Tokyo. However, this is my first time to come to YAPC::NA.

YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 2) Just two seconds to generate .pm by WSST

I gave my first talk titled:
WSS - WebService Specification Schema and LL libraries
I still used JavaScript-powered S6 presentation tool with one-click translation feature for my slides.

YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 2) "Moose" by Stevan Little

Stevan Little gave a general talk about Moose:
Moose - A post modern object system for Perl 5
Moose is getting much popular also in Japan this year.

YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 2) "use the Moose;" by Ingy

Ingy döt Net gave an interesting talk about:
Perl and JavaScript
I like teh incredible the.pm module.

YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 3) Lightning Talks!

I gave another talk titled:
DOM manipulation by Gainer/Wiimote over HTTP.
Before starting presentation, I had a technical trouble with my real device gadgets, however I made it.
I'll give this talk again at YAPC::Europe 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 3) Improvised Lightning Talks

This is a brand-new style of lightning talk.
It's absolutely fantastic that Ingy's one thing which he'd never do in Perl.
He's true entertainer!

YAPC::NA 2008 is over

I appreciate the organizer Josh McAdams's hospitality. jmcada++

Differences between YAPC::NA and YAPC::Asia

I could find some of interesting differences between the conference and other conferences in Japan including YAPC::Asia.
* More foods and drinks
YAPC::Asia started to provide lunch and snacks this year.
Here are free drinks and delightful fruits provided in YAPC::NA.
* More interruptions
I think it's not common for Japanese audiences to interrupt speaker's talk to ask something. Dan-san could be probably only Japanese hacker who can do that? ;-)
* More chats in hall
Not only few people here prefer to stay at entrance to chat with another perl hackers rather than just listen presentations.
* More BOFs
I don't see such concurrent meetings which occur naturally in Japan.
* More women
Josh said that there were 17 women in second day's conference dinner.
It's definitely rare that we could have two-digit numbers of women attend such technical conference in Japan.
* Less technological previews, more productive solutions
Personally, I love talks about cutting-edge technologies, future glances, ingenious topics etc. We can see such "I-Made-It!"-styled talks in Japan.
Here, more speakers provide solutions for attendees' daily production.
* Few Japanese attendees
I was only Japanese attendee come from Japan.
I hope more Japanese hackers could come to give their techs out for global.

My reports written in Japanese

* YAPC::NA 2008 Pre-Conference Dinner
* YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 1) Get it started
* YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 2) Just two seconds to generate .pm by WSST
* YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 2) "Moose" by Stevan Little
* YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 2) "use the Moose;" by Ingy
* YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 3) Lightning Talks!
* YAPC::NA 2008 (Day 3) Improvised Lightning Talks
* YAPC::NA 2008 was over
* YAPC::NA 2008 summary report

"Mashup Application and Google API" @ GDD

Last Tuesday, I gave a talk titled "Mashup Application and Google API" for Google Developer Day 2008 in Japan.

* Google provides 60 APIs!
* Translatable presentation with Google AJAX Language API
* Organizing Mashup Award 4th with 100+ APIs in Japan
* Mashup of Google Maps API and Recruit Web Service UI Library
* Growth of Google Maps family (embeddable、static、flash)
* Google Char API (blank map!)
* AJAX Libraries API (cache for Prototype, jQuery, etc.)
* Brand New APIs (real device web services)

My slides using S6 again is below. (written in Japanese)

The conference was completely for developers who love Google. I am not Google's employee, you know, but I have surprised that more than 100 attendees have nevertheless come to my room.

In addition to my talk above, I took the platform of keynote to demonstrate in favor for OpenSocial.
We provides a trial service which uses an OpenSocial's container of Shindig.

The JUI 2008 Tokyo was over

The JUI 2008 Tokyo conference was over with great success.
More than 100 attendees came to the venue!
We really enjoyed JavaScript tech talks in depth.

The JUI 2008 Tokyo
* Date: 18:30pm, Monday, March 19, 2008
* Venue: Recruit Ginza 8 Bldg., Tokyo, Japan

[Main Talks]
* Paul Bakaus (from Germany) - An in-depth look at jQuery UI
* amachang - S6
* inucara - inucara.net
* iandeth - Recruit WEB Service UI Library

[Lightning Talks]
* gugod (from Taiwan) - jFormino
* noriaki - jQuery on Greasemonkey
* Yoshiomi KURISU - Colors in jQuery
* monjudoh - Twitter client with jQuery

[Special Guests]
* Ingy (from Seattle/Taipei) - Jemplate
* mala - use DOM
* TAKESAKO - YAPC::Asia 2008 Tokyo


We got special guests to give us additional lightning talks!
We also had an after-party with almost half of all attendees.

Amachang, Paul and other great JS hackers're talking about past talks in Shibuya.js user group.
I hope I could host such a great conference again.