[Event] Web 2.0 EXPO Tokyo "JavaScript Labs"

I gave a presentation on Web 2.0 EXPO Tokyo (day 1) with TAKESAKO and amachang. This talk was titled as "JavaScript Labs" and introduced the cutting-edge JavaScript technical topics and what we had interest for now.

(photo taken by TAKESAKO)

At my part of the session, I talked about JavaScript's today and its future. And also I focused into my attending to Facebook and OpenSocial.
I'm wanting to see them. FBJS is early days, and OpenSocial is still version 0.5 and full of uncertainty at this time though.
I showed tiny demo application for OpenSocial:

The room we made a talk was soon fulled with about 100 audiences.

Thank you all very much for attending our session and see you soon again!

(photo also taken by TAKESAKO)

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] Sun Tech Days 2007 in Tokyo

I gave a presentation at the last day of the Sun Tech Days 2007 in Tokyo with Tanaka-san who won three prizes on Mash up Award 3rd.

I talked about what Media Technology Labs was challenging for.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] John Resig and The Future of JavaScript

John Resig now comes to Tokyo! Many Japanese JavaScript developers love him and his product of jQuery.js which is the coooolest JavaScript library in the world.

Shibuya.JS had a joined event with Mozilla Japan to talk to him about ECMAScript 4 and the future of JavaScript. He gave us the keynote speech in the event.

Amachang, one of the leading JavaScript engineers in Japan, made some high-level comebacks.

A quorum of Shibuya.JS members introduced some of awesome JavaScript applications developed in Japan.

* The following ustream movies are recorded by Piro.

Part #1 - John's keynote speech

Part #2 - Shibuya.JS's talks and Q&A

We very very enjoyed with John. Thank you and see you again!

We're together closing our eyes. |-)

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

See also John's post

[Event] Panel discussion about Web2.0's status and its movement

I participated a panel discussion in a seminar event sponsored by METI and some other organizations in Japan. They say October is the month for informatization.

November 1st at Softpia Japan in Ogaki city, Gifu pref.

* METI is the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Travel] Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic

My wife, Yumi, and I love traveling around the world.
We went to three countries at this time:
1. Germany to celebrate my friends wedding
2. Switzerland to hike looking up to the Matterhorn
3. Czech Republic to beer-up beer!

Here are some of articles written in Japanese.
Digest post with photos
Railway from Konstanz to Zermatt
Other blog posts by Yumi

gugod and Ebisu.js

Kang-min Liu, a.k.a. gugod, came to Japan. After we took a lunch at Ginza district, he taught me about his current project Ebisu.js which a library implementing "custom events" handler in JavaScript.

We both Asian people talked in English. However, it's probably true that we could make communication smoother after we start to write JavaScript language. :-)

All JavaScript engineers in the world, let me know when you come to travel to Tokyo. We will welcome you. Let's talk thoroughly about JavaScript.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] MA3 Participants Session

September 22th was the OneWebDay. At this day, we hosted the MA3 Participants Session in Media Technology Labs, Tokyo. About 30 teams of developers which applied thier work for the Mash up Award 3rd.

Top 5 websites ranked by authors themselves:
1. Revolver Style Search (13 votes)
2. MAsh (10 votes)
2. Tamadokoweb (10 votes)
4. CHIZTEK (9 votes)
5. Comusche (8 votes)

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] "Shuccho Shibuya.JS 24" in Mozilla 24

Shibuya.JS organized a event in Mozilla 24.
I also had time for a lightning talk titled "Facebook.JS."

To my regret, currently in Japan, here are only few developers working for Facebook applications. I hope that more Japanese developers looked to the Facebook.

Note: Shibuya.JS is a JavaScript developers community in Tokyo, Japan. This user group have made some events to demonstrate cutting-edge technics of JavaScript.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

Google Japan's Developer Round Table #1 "iGoogle and Google Gadget"

Google Japan started a developer networking program. I participated its first round-table session: "iGoogle and Google Gadget."

See all conversations at page 1, page 2 and page 3 which are all written in Japanese however. ;-)
I was very excited with Google Universal Gadget's powerfull functions.

The original post of this was written in Japanese.

Tsukurubu - Flash and Ajax Best Websites Selection 20

I had a round-table talk titled "Flash & AJax Best Websites Selection 20" for the Tsukurubu which is one of Media Technology Labs' projects to support web developers community. We discussed advanced 10 websites each which use Flash and Ajax technics in Japan and the world. In addition to major well-known websites, we chose some minor but absorbing websites as well.

I missed Bascule Inc.'s website which had awesome tall flash screen.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] X-over Development Conference 2007

I gave a presentation at the X-over Development Conference 2007 in Tokyo. My talk is titled as Web Service / Business and Mashing up.

In the talk, I mentioned the Facebook platform and Google Universal Gadgets in iGoogle.

* The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[Event] Mash up Caravan in Osaka

The first day of Mash up Caravan is started from Osaka.
This tour is projected as a promotion campaign for Mash up Award which is the most largest contest of web applications which use web services in Japan.

I made a talk for leading-edge technics of JavaScript and some libraries.
After Osaka, the caravan will get to Sapporo, Fukuoka and Tokyo.

The original post written in Japanese:
Kawa.net Blog (2007/07/24)

[CD] VOICES OF BEAUTY // Wagram Music

VOICES OF BEAUTY is my current favorite cd imported from France.
I like listening this when I write some JavaScript or Perl codes as well.
1. One Evening / Feist
2. Guns Of Brixton / Nouvelle Vague
3. It's Been Done / Angela McCluskey
4. Waiting / Cibelle
5. Desert / Emilie Simon - La Marche de l'empereur [iTunes]
6. Get On With Your Life / Stina Nordenstam
7. Radar / Kelly De Martino
8. Sand River / Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man
9. Close My Eyes / Shivaree - PV[iTunes]
10. Until The Morning / Thievery Corporation Feat. Emiliana Torrini
11. Inna City Woman / Slow Train Feat. Lady Z
12. Purple Shoes / MaliA
13. Melody / Molly Johnson
14. New York City / The Peter Malick Group Feat. Norah Jones
15. Never Ending Story / BAZ - So pretty! "If you!" [iTunes]
16. Cada Beijo / Bebel Gilberto
17. Amado Mio / Pink Martini
18. Small Song / Lhasa
19. River Of Life / Heather Nova
20. Forward And Reverse / Bang Gang
21. The Closest Thing To Crazy / Katie Melua

The original post of this was written in Japanese.

[JavaScript] variable "char" is not valid in Safari

I've faced a problem with Safari 2.0 which denies "char" as a name of JavaScript variable.

"char" is one of the future reserved words listed in ECMAScript Language Specification.
Safari 2.0 is strict for them. Safari 3.0 and other major browsers are not so however...
Check it out for your browser here

Original post written in Japanese:
Kawa.net Blog (2007/05/15)

YAPC::Asia 2007 Tokyo + Party + Hackathon

I'm now in the hackathon at Hotel Dan, Tokyo.
This week, We enjoyed YAPC::Asia 2007 Tokyo, the most attractive event for Perl hackers in Asia and the world.

Tsuda Hall, Tokyo. I've take only sessions at first day morning.
The Official Party at Jong Mung-Jiro, Shinano-machi.
Sushi and Sasimi! Thanks for the sponsers!
Ingy döt Net, Kang-ming "Gugod" Liu and our assosiates!
I've released HTML::TagParser Version 0.16 in the hackathon at first.

AdSense and Analytics 2006

Kawa.net website have adopted Google AdSense since April 2004.
I'm now happy that it send me US$100+ check on each month.


The analytics shows my websites, kawa.net and some other blog sites, got about 3 clicks per 1,000 PVs.

At first, only some of pages on Kawa.net had showed ads.
It increased PV that most of pages started to show ads from this April.
And Kurukuru Blog also spread PV this November.

Here are the result by Google Analytics.
This covers only kawa.net website which does not include my blogs.

New vs Returning
One-thirds of visitors are repeaters and rests are new.
I'd like them to come back my website again and again.

Source Conversion
Referrer. About half (54%) of visitors are came from Google.
Yahoo (7%) and MSN (2%)

Languages. 83% of users use Japanese and 13% use English.
And Chinese, Germany, French and Korean users account 1% each.

At last I must say thank you to access my websites and click ads!

New Year's Resolution 2007

A Happy New Year!

On the new year's day, I had a theme for this half year.
It's "Yuru Yuru" literally means "Relax and Leisured."
I'd like to make me not to rush into my life and work.


* The sign above is a special character which means to repeat leading the two Hiragana characters.