has "_2x.jpg" high resolutionary images for the new iPad

The new iPad's resolutionary Retina display looks cool, but, on the other hand, it terrifies designers in the Web industry.  The new iPad is the first HiDPI device which works well for browsing PC websites. All images on the Web must be republished to enhance its experience on the new iPad and other upcoming HiDPI devices.

Apple's website itself is also ongoing to support HiDPI displays. Many image files on the website have a couple resolutions of normal one and doubled one which has "_2x" suffix. Here is a sample:

Traditional resolution version: 1454 x 605 pixel

High resolution version:  2908 x 1210 pixel (doubled!)

Some images on the website still not have "_2x" version at this time, however. Any image files which has "_2x" version are automatically and progressively replaced by image_replacer.js according to the current display resolution setting. 


You could try the future with HiDPI on your current Mac by enabling it with Quartz shipped with Graphics Tools for Xcode. website would show "_2x" images when HiDPI is enabled on your Mac.


Check window.devicePixelRatio property to detect current display resolution by JavaScript.