Shibuya Perl Mongers comes into Taipei! - OSDC.TW 2010

The comes in Taipei!
The Shibuya Perl Mongers is a community of Perl hackers based in Tokyo. The super hackers give technical talks away in the special sub-conference of the OSDC.TW 2010. You'll see the highest level in techniques and the lowest level in depth of Perl with us.
Don't miss this and enjoy.


  • 竹迫 良範 (Yoshinori Takesako) @takesako - Polyglot Programming
  • 石垣 憲一 (Kenichi Ishigaki) @charsbar - Perl for a translator
  • 藤 吾郎 (Goro Fuji) @__gfx__ - Xslate - A high performance template engine
  • 川崎 有亮 (Yusuke Kawasaki) @kawanet - Something Xiaolongbao
  • 檀上 伸郎 (Nobuo Danjou) @lopnor - Net::Google::Spreadsheet
  • 宮川 達彦 (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa) @miyagawa - cpanminus
  • 松野 徳大 (Tokuhiro Matsuno) @tokuhirom - Perl5.12's new feature - PL_keyword_plugin *hack*
  • 大沢 和宏 (Kazuhiro Osawa) @yappo - Ajax application testing

This is the 13th tech talk conference by and the first time abroad.
At the day of the hackathon soon after the last YAPC::Asia 2009 conference was over, we had a lot to talk about foreign conferences to attend. I'm really happy that it's come true.

What's Shibuya

Shibuya is a culture heart district of Tokyo. The word Shibuya (渋谷) literally means "Bitter Valley." Like Silicon Valley, many Web/IT companies have started up from Shibuya.

That is, Shibuya is just a symbol for us. There is a fact that we've never had a tech talk conference in Shibuya district though.

RubyConf Taiwan 2010

The next day of in Taipei, three Ruby hackers from Japan will also give talks in the same venue. RubyConf Taiwan 2010 is the first regional Ruby Conference in Taiwan. Arai-san, Kakutani-san and Takahashi-san will come to speak there.

At the Spring, eight Perl guys and three Ruby guys, from Japan, will attend the conferences in Taiwan. I'm sure that we could boost the stream of the kind of international exchanges between East Asian developer communities.

Last year

This is my third time to attend the OSDC.TW.

- JSAR (JavaScript Augmented Reality) at OSDC.TW 2009 Taipei
- OSDC.TW 2008 - DOM manipulation by Wiimote/Gainer over HTTP

I've given talks about JavaScript and Flash in addition to Perl.
For this year, I had a plan of a new topic, however, it's forced to be canceled due to a sudden change of a SDK license agreement this month. orz.
I need to write new slides until the time of my slot at Saturday.

* See also Japanese version of this post