[Event] Tokyo ActionScript Meetup 2008 F/ Colin Moock

When I heard that Colin Moock would come to Japan to make a talk in a seminar event sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc., it hit me that we could welcome and counter him with top ActionScript engineers in Japan!
I'd like to show him the cutting-edge ActionScript techs developed in Japan, are not introduced yet to the world in English, unfortunately.

As the result, at the day of January 16, the Tokyo ActionScript Meetup 2008 F/ Colin Moock was taken a place in Adobe Japan.
Very deep tech talks about ActionScript 2, 3 & also 4(!) were told.

Colin (left) and Ota-san.

The last of all, I asked him some of questions invited by the audiences on ahead.

I think the most of audiences including me would surprised that he could speak Japanese much fluently.
As Larry Wall could speak JavaScript as well, such great programmers would be good at speaking multiple natural languages as well as programming languages.

Tokyo ActionScript Meetup 2008 F/ Colin Moock

* Colin Moock http://moock.org/

* yossy http://www.be-interactive.org/
* munegon http://void.heteml.jp/blog/
* id:secondlife http://d.hatena.ne.jp/secondlife/

* Muraken http://www.muraken.biz/ & tera http://www.trick7.com/blog/
* Iwasaki http://www.cosmo-int.com/
* Kobayashi http://d.hatena.ne.jp/yukoba/

* Q: Kawasaki http://www.kawa.net/ on behalf of the all audiences
* A: Colin Moock http://moock.org/

We much enjoyed the session with you.
Thank you, Colin! See you again!

* The original longer post of this was written in Japanese.