KTween 1.0.1 Released - Simple & Fast Tween Engine for AS3

KTween is now as fast as the cool tween engine of the Eaze Tween. The Eaze has jQuery-like method chain interface. Philippe Elsass has pointed that his Eaze Tween is faster than KTween, soon after my last post.
Now, here comes KTween's turn:

Running on my MacBook Pro, Mac OS X 10.6.3, Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz, Flash Player 10.1 Release Candidate, Firefox plug-in, the bench shows the KTween is a teeny bit faster than the Eaze. However, I could say it's still in the range of error.

The bench runs with the engines below:
KTween - Version 1.0.1 Revision 79
BetweenAS3 - Revision 3765.
GTween - Version 2.01 (2009/12/11)
tweener - Revision 424
TweenNano – Version 1.03 (2010/04/03)
eaze-tween - Revision 74

I guess it'd be rare that a case tweens 4,000 particles though. :-)
KTween is an open source distributed under the MIT license.

Try KTween.

Download: KTween 1.0.1 (20100413)

* The original post written in Japanese is here

* Note that the benchmark result is depend on machine, OS, flash player version and revision etc. The BetweenAS3 becomes the fastest engine in the six above in a case for instance.