LiveChromaKey + LivePointers = AR Presentation!

I am a newbie for the wonderful ActionScript world and have worked hard for these two weeks to write a couple of pure ActionScript 3.0 libraries, LiveChromaKey and LivePointers. Then I gave a talk at Spark project's SparkStudy/09 on May 28th.

SparkStudy is a monthly meeting for the cutting-edge ActionScript developers in Tokyo. It's hosted by Yoshihiro Shindo a.k.a. yossy. This was the first time for me, an ECMAScripter, to attend it but I enjoyed it.

As recently posted, LiveChromaKey is a bluescreen-less image synthesizing engine for AR.

And the new library of LivePointers is a color detection engine to handle something as the new style of human interface devices with webcam. This means, for example, fingercap would be the 3D pointing device.

Anyway, you can try my presentation:

Yes, I was in the live projector screen during my presentation like weather newscaster did in weather news program! It would be nice for the audiences who seated at the end of the row in the room to see me on the screen. :)

In addition, I used fingercaps to manipulate slides, ex. right hand means next page. The fingercap I used costs only JPY 105, approximately USD 1.00- for six fingers. I'm sure that the cheap cap would be definitely important user interface device of the future!

Note that you can flip to the next page by right key of your keyboard as an insurance for the live presentation. :)

If you prefer a classical style of the slides, try slideshare:

LivePointers library is still under development. You can try the current snapshot on the Spark project's repository:
* Orignal post of this was written in Japanese.